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The Church, the  electrical and water systems are in very good condition. Having owned in the past new and newer properties, we are amazed how well build the church and the office building is. We are not aware of anything which would be dangerous to structure or health. Everything is extremely well insulated. We are flood and windproof and had no emergencies from weather or other acts of god. What could be done is listed below:

  1. Windows..Some of the church windows are still original single pane 4 mm glass. The windows have old fashioned storm windows for winter, thermo and fly screens for the summer. They work great, as can be read in our description. To replace the nine single pane windows left with high quality triple pan windows, would cost around $ 4 - 6000.00 including local labour, and would be resulting in more energy efficiency.


  1. TLC..The Office and Church could use an outside paint job, or - better even siding - and a new garage door. We left a temporary wooden one in for 16 years now, because we had plans to make a sunroom out of it but we never bothered.

  1. Renewable Energy System...Out of our three wind-turbines the 3 kW Whisper needs repair because of a storm accident. Tower and turbine are unaffected, but on the tail boom a vane need to be attached. The two blades are in need of  TLC. She was used to be our back-up turbine and rarely used. We guess maybe 1000 hours overall give or take! The second one a  W 200 needs new brushes otherwise she is in good shape and order. The third - a W100 is flying, has new brushes and was overhauled after 14 years in service.



For all those tasks there is a solution. We personally would employ the help of our local Hutterite Colony to fix those things. They are excellent craftsmen, and there is nothing they cant do  - and the colony’s are not far away.

If you want to outsource work - there is also Grasslands Construction in Val Marie who specializes in new building and renovations. There are also carpenters and companies of all trades within a 60 km radius, which work on a regular basis in the village and on farms and ranches all around - but like we said above - we  personally like to deal with the local Hutterite colony.

There are  no covenants, No rules, no restrictions. Build, expand, buy or lease adjoining land, and do whatever you like. The location itself is a very private one. In a spiritual sense it is a very quiet and powerful place.

- and the Rosefield Grid Road Road to us.

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