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What we know: All the buildings are very well build from master builders. The wood used is Fir and Cedar wood. our office is a former Hutterite building with a double wall. The buildings [except the little outhouse] are very well insulated and meet or exceed todays  modern standards. You don’t find housing build like this anymore nowadays.


Property size: ca. 4 acres ( 16000 sq. meter)

Church: ca.1400 sq. ft. (130 sq. meter) - with the addition more like 150 sq. meter

Office: ca. 400 sq.-ft (36 sq. meter)


Oversized fir cross framing, cedar siding and 6 x 2 walls. Double wall on north side.  Buffalo board and R40 insulation in wall and roof.

Drywall finish in pearl white. Metal roof in cardinal red.

Nine original single pane cross-frame windows, with extra storm windows. Shutters.

Rest double pane windows. East and West entrance. North entrance w/ storm-door.

Vented attic. Very well insulated. Tel, Wifi. (G4 & high speed LTE).


- used as a small office and powerhouse. Oversized wood fir frame. Cross framed, double inside walls, fir plywood, metal roof. Old double glass windows. Wall finish inside is stranded OSB wood from an environmental sawmill, varnished with water bio based clear varnish. 38000  btu gas direct vent heater. Tel. Wifi.


Small simple two seater not insulated. Dutch door.

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