Solar Wind Hybrid Off-Grid System


Wind Generators

1   H40 SWWP   900w     35-ft free standing tower

1   W200 SWWP 1000w   45-ft free standing tower

1   W500 SWWP  3000w  65-ft free standing tower

All towers are self supported lattice towers with top-tower- platforms and ladder. One ( 65’) has hinges.. The Whisper 500 is missing its tail boom, and the blades are in need  of TLC. The turbine works  - once the tail and vane is fixed - electrical and mechanical. The W 200 needs new brushes. Both we took out of service as we are ok without them.


4 Siemens 110w PV modules on a Top of pole mount

8 Shell 135w on Roof mount

2 Shell  165w on a home-made ground mount

Batteriebank: 100kw

24 x 2V Global Yuasa ST 85/ 27 1800AH industrial tubular solar batteries.

BOS &  Power-platform:

1 x Inverter Xantrex SW5548 complete power board (Serviced in July 2013)

1 x Inverter Magnum 4448 120/240  (back- up).

1 x MPPT  solar charge control 3048

1.x Xantrex C40 solar charge control

1 x EZ II control H40

1 X EZ II control W 200

1 x W 500 control center Wind/PV

1 x Inverter/generator bypass switch

1 x Outback PSPV breaker box

1 x Combiner box

8 x  lightning arrestors ground fault system

Back up:

Utility Power is available from SaskPower w/ manual transfer switch, which cost a $ 26.00 /monthly service fee.

Solar Heating: ( free hot water)

Sunnyboy solar collector, Made in Germany El Sid Magic 20 circulator PV direct pump.

80 gallon  A.O Smith solar storage double coil storage tank.

Boiler and storage tank where serviced in Oct 2014.

1 x Conserval Solarwall 8 x8 ft for heating/ventilation (Office)

Note: The renewable off-grid energy system is professional installed, and set up, to work automatically with minimal maintenance. Our maintenance is pretty much reduced adding water to our batteries once a year. If we left the property for extended visits or winter stays in the southern US for a 3 - 6 month period, we would set the heating  thermostat at 7°C  put the solar system on trickle charge, switched the SaskPower system on, and our power bill would range over the winter at around $ 30.00 / month. The lp gas usage was neglectable.  The system was build in 2000 and a big 48V battery bank came onboard in 2004. The life expectancy of those batteries is between 18 and 25 years. There is a backup inverter installed which was till now never in use, except for test purposes.

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