Rosefield - as it is known to locals - borders on the GNP. As the Grasslands National Park began to buy the land needed for the park, and 90% of the people sold out. It is now what you would call a hamlet. We are situated 3 miles north of the Montana state line,  29km south east of Val Marie, bordering on Grasslands National Park and the Frenchman River Valley.

The sparsely populated neighborhood is made up of ranches which hold large amounts of land, and use it primarily for ranching. Privacy is respected and neighbors are sociable and always there if you need a helping hand. It is just the way the cookie crumbles here.

Activities in and around the Park:                                                                                                                     

Popular outdoor activities for tourists and natives are photography, bird and wildlife -watching, fauna & flora, geocaching, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, riding, heritage history, ranching & farming, homesteading, astronomy volunteering and more.

Wildlife is seen commonly around the place in summer as well as in the sunny winters. In the fall song and predatory birds fly over the church from meadowlarks, owls and pelicans to big flocks of whooping cranes and canada geese, as we are in the flightpath of a migration route.

The Royal Astronomical Society has declared in 2010 Grasslands National Park and  the surrounding area a “national and international “Dark Sky Preserve”. The Grassland Preserve is one of the largest and darkest in Canada and worldwide.

Grasslands National park received in 2011 the prestigious “Gift to the Earth” award from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund ).

Industrial intrusions

The park and surrounding area has no oil or gas activity. A pipeline to the US is planned [ the Keystone Pipeline ] if approved will traverse far west of Rosefield and out of sight. Because of Canada Parks, no big commercial agriculture  farm projects , pig or chicken operations are allowed in our area, ensuring the protection of the grass and free grazing ranch land. 

Political climate

There is a progressive marketing and business plan in place from the federal government and Parks Canada. Community Futures Southwest work with both, to establish the international presence of the park, and a better infrastructure for the Village of Val Marie and its surroundings. We have seen tourism related  business and park visitors numbers increase year after year and people in Val Marie are engaged more and more to work with the park.


The property is located midway between the friendly community of Val Marie and Grasslands National Park, 6 km from the  US Border to Montana. 35km is the distance from our gate to the Canada /US customs station which is a class A port. The nearest city with all amenities is Swift Current (160km) which is located on the Trans Canada  Highway - Number One.

Shopping in Swift Current or on the US side in Malta Montana (133km) or Havre is rather relaxed. Neighboring villages like Climax, Shaunavon, Eastend,  Mankota, or Ponteix have smaller hospitals, banks,  public swimming pools, garages, auto body shops grocery stores etc. There is a very well sorted CO -OP store with groceries, hardware and lumber in Bracken 50 km away, as well as a gas station for diesel and gas.

The main travel-distances to major centers, and international airports are: Regina 400km. Saskatoon 400km. Calgary. 670km. Medicine Hat 400km. On the US side: Billings Montana 520km. Yellowstone NP 600km. For snowbirds: Rosefield - Texas - Gulf of Mexico = 2 - 3 days over interstate - depending on how fast you go.

The park itself is a perfect neighbor, and & supports tourist activities of every kind.

If you are interested - call us if you have any questions.

Gudrun Minarsch or Rolf Heckmann


Tel: (001)  306 - 298 - 2000

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