This offer at Canada’s Grasslands National Park in the province of Saskatchewan is ideal for someone who is looking for a safe and quiet place, and freedom to do whatever he likes. A property like this is hard to find because of the close proximity to the Grasslands  NP. The website is full of information - what you see is what you get.

Grouped around a former prairie church, three buildings [ church a smaller office building, and  a carport ] are located in the middle of the grasslands ecosystem, and surrounded by ranch and grasslands. It also features a water pond.

The location  is north of the US Montana border, 29km south east of Val Marie - a  small village known as gateway to Grasslands National Park. Pictures how everything  looks, are on our picture link. The yard is fully graveled, deer-fenced and gated.

On site, we have excellent and dependable High Speed LTE Fusion Internet, and G4 cell phone coverage, which is unusual for this location, as well as a phone landline. An renewable off grid system is in place as well as utility back up from Saskpower. All the equipment comes with it and is included.

The 4 acre (16.000 square meters) homestead is located on a four season maintained  gravel road, open all year around with a regular school bus service to the Val Marie High School.

The place is low maintenance. Legally it can be used as a residence, recreational property or as a business. Everything that’s needed, is in place and arranged to make living, easy and comfortable. The place offers space, panoramic views, and ultimate privacy.

Bordering on Grasslands National Park and the Frenchman River Valley, the property elevation is 830m (2700ft). We are about 10 minutes away by car from the west block entrance of the park.

You are looking at a non smoking home in a hazard free and protected living environment with access to all the main infrastructures available in all four directions.

Southwest Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada, with  Val Marie often being the sunniest spot in the whole country. Our location receives over 330 days of sunshine per year.

The links will guide you to everything important. What it is all about, a description & building specs - the off-grid system set up, a picture link and what surrounds us.

Fixed Price: 149.000 Canadian Dollars.

More information are under the specified top and bottom links throughout the site. There are no drop-down menus, split screens or such. Everything should be  simple to navigate.

The website is regularly updated, so check back if you like. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us per mail or phone.

This latest up-date: October 2016

For Sale by Owner!

Solar powered - Wind Powered - on the edge of Grasslands NP with all the comforts of a city home.

Gudrun Monarch & Rolf Heckmann


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